Avery and Austin decided to go on a picnic one beautiful summer day.  So they put on their shoes, packed up a lunch and set out for the park by the bay.

They wanted to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors and maybe meet some new friends.  Perhaps a new adventure for them was just about to begin.

Austin found the perfect spot so that is where they stopped.  Their blanket was carefully placed on the ground and that was where they flopped.

Just as they unpacked their lunch a line of ants attacked.  The blanket was covering the Ants' State Fair and that was just a fact.

Suddenly the clouds rolled in and the rain came down and everyone scrambled for safety.  The snacks they had brought were soaking wet and now were no longer tasty.

The Ants' State Fair had suffered a blow and some of the ants didn't survive.  But the rest of the ants did what they do best and that was to learn how to thrive.

The rain had destroyed all the work they had done, just as their fair had begun.  All their hopes and dreams had been dashed in a flash and they didn't know which way to run.

Even together the remaining ninety-nine ants felt lost and very alone.  Suddenly they heard the voice of a friend as he quickly came running home.

"One hundred percent of the destruction we face was caused today by the rain.  But I tell you my friends we must take at least 1 percent of the blame".

"Each of us must own how we feel.  And 99 plus me makes us 100 percent healed".

The conditions of the day were far less than ideal.  Their hearts had been broken and it was too much to conceal.

Each one of us are unique and grieve different ways.  So be true to yourself for all of your days.


Additional Titles

  • Mislabeled Grievers

  • Impact of unresolved grief

  • Common misinformation

  • Conflicting feelings

  • How do I find joy again?

  • Grief is personal

you have to own at least 1% of your FEELINGS. 

a Small key can open a large door to recovery.


​​​Really I'm Fine!


Rainy Day Picnic

Working At The Car Wash

 99 Plus Me

help for a broken heart



Take responsibility.  Own your feelings!

99  +  me  = 100%  

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  • I = INSIDE 
  • N = NOT